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Stucco corner beads, made from vinyl or metal lath, reinforce the corners of exterior stucco walls to make them straight and reduce cracking of the stucco. Drywall corner beads provide a durable reinforcement and are applied to the corners of interior walls during drywall installation to create a strong finish. 

There are different types of drywall corner beads available. The choice of material used will depend on how much wear and tear there is likely to be on the corner, and what your budget is. Company Name offers excellent corner beads installation services for both external and internal walls. We can also repair or re-set stucco corners that were never properly installed. 

You may choose from square or rounded edge corner beads.  Consider where the wall is and what sort of interaction it will receive.  If the bead is going to be in a room where children play, a rounded corner bead will be safer for them. 

Depending on the look you want and how well the edge of the wall is finished, a rounded corner bead may be more appropriate because it can hide some imperfections in an uneven wall.  If the wall's edge is straight, however, a square bead will make a neater finish. 

To ensure a nice, even finish, we always make certain that the screws holding the corner bead in place are in deep enough that the screw heads do not protrude above the surface of the corner beading.  Then, when we apply the stucco mud over the beading, it makes a smooth, even finish between the wall and the corner beading. 

Company name has a great many years of experience, and we offer an exceptional line of commercial and residential products that we can use in your stucco project, including Corner Beads, J Beads, L Beads, Reveals, and Expansion products.

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