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A psychological assessment will provide in depth information about strengths and areas of need, as well as recommendations for intervention. 

Company Name’s adult psychological therapies service offers psychological therapy to people who are experiencing severe, complex and long-standing psychological and mental health difficulties. Their difficulties may be related to events in their life such as physical health problems, relationship difficulties, bereavement or loss. 

Our practice also provides psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions for adults 18 and older with both medical and neurological disabilities. The nature and scope of the specific psychological services will vary, depending on the patient’s disability. 

Our Clinical Psychologists work to help you be free of the distress and learn how to deal with the challenges in your life that caused the problems for you in the first place. We are thoroughly trained to provide a wide range of psychological therapies including, but not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, systemic therapy, schema therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. 

Conditions we treat include: 

•           Anxiety disorders, including phobias, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder

•           Depression and associated emotional difficulties, adjustment disorder, low self esteem

•           Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

•           Grief and Bereavement Disorders

•           Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

•           Adjustment difficulties and life transition issues

•           Eating disorders

•           Anger management problems

•           Chronic Pain and Chronic Disease Management  

Our therapists will help you work at your own pace and will always respect your wishes. Your care will be developed on an individual level to suit your needs. You will always be involved in the decisions made about your care. 

Consult with one of our therapists if you believe that an intervention is needed. We tailor an intervention to the individual. The strategies may involve the home and community, additional professionals, as well as educational recommendations.  

We are available for individual, couple and/or family sessions, and we are devoted to assisting everyone in understanding and coping with the challenges of life. 

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