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Purchasing workers’ compensation insurance and having to make the monthly installment premium payments can take a lot of time, and it is a pain to keep up with. Many clients are faced with installment fees, large up-front premiums, and the ongoing concern of making timely payments.

Company Name works hand in hand with business owners and managers to provide the perfect solution. We focus on reducing the amount of time and effort our clients need to put in, in many ways.

For example, we make it easy to bind coverage until the actual policy has been issued. We can also help a payroll client budget more effectively by staying current and on top of their work comp premium payments.

Our services also include:

• Ongoing communication with providers and clients

• Competent advice on coverage

• Regulatory compliance assistance

• Full range of claim prevention and advisory services

• Guidance on overall workplace assessments

• Pay as you go work comp plans

• Payment and reporting services

By utilizing claims management best practices, we are able to keep your claim costs down while providing expeditious and excellent care, ensuring injured employees return to work as soon as possible.

Our advantages are:

• We provide you with required state and federal posters

• We arrange on-site inspections of your day to day operations and facilities

• We provide your company with safety training for management and employees

• We prevent costly fines from OSHA and other agencies while reducing the risk of injuries and disease

• We provide discounts for clients choosing a Drug-Free Workplace

• We manage claims to ensure an injured employee is given the best care possible

• We maintain direct contact with our claims insurance adjusters to expedite the return to work process

• We implement a Light Duty policy to minimize workmen's compensation claim costs

• We attend hearings on workmen's compensation cases

• We monitor your organization’s experience modifier rate

Our workers’ compensation insurance solutions are unmatched in service and value. We promise great rates while providing superior coverage through our very own workers’ compensation insurance provider.

Our team has deep experience and resources to provide responsive claim services and expert advice and support services to mitigate risk and liability.

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