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Payroll is an ongoing process that is required by any company with employees. The process typically involves determining each employee’s pay, calculating payroll taxes, keeping records, and ensuring timely payment for employees.

Company Name is an accounting firm specializing in payroll services for businesses of all sizes.

We cater to a wide audience, ranging from small businesses to large scale enterprises. Our built-to-suit payroll solutions allow business managers and owners to focus on running their business instead of trying to interpret the constantly changing payroll laws.

We will customize a package for you which best fits your business and your budget, to maximize your savings.

Some of our services are:

• Payroll Checks and/or Direct Deposit

• Current and Year-To-Date Payroll Register

• Check and/or Direct Deposit Register

• Payroll Tax Liability Register

• Pay by Department Register

• Time and Attendance Register

• Payroll Deduction Register

Our Payroll Service goes beyond simple compliance; we offer industry-specific packages for highly regulated industries like legal and professional service, medical and dental practices, real estate and property management firms, and more.

There is a wide range of benefits to having your own personalized payroll service. Most importantly, it's about your time. You and your staff can concentrate on growing your business instead of thinking about paychecks and taxes.

By letting us manage your payroll processing, you'll no longer have to worry about:

• Continuously changing tax laws

• Complex reporting requirements

• Using your valuable resources for payroll compliance and reporting

• And the many other burdens that payroll imposes on established and growing businesses

We understand that not all businesses operate the same way. That's why we provide multiple service options to choose from and multiple ways to submit your payroll. Our specialists are trained in all areas of payroll and tax compliance and are committed to meeting all of your payroll and tax filing needs.

Each client is assigned a dedicated payroll specialist who is trained in all areas of payroll and tax compliance and committed to meeting your payroll and tax compliance needs.

When you partner with us, we will take care of all payroll requirements for you, giving you more time to focus on running your business. Contact us for more information at 555-555-5555.


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