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Do you wish to offer your employees the option to be paid by direct deposit instead of receiving a check? Perhaps you’re interested in PayCard, another easy and convenient way for your employees to get paid?

No matter what your choice is, Company name offers convenient Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction services. Direct deposit is an electronic payment option that deposits employees’ net pay directly into their bank accounts.

Each employee can easily choose to have their net paycheck deposited electronically into one account, or have the paycheck split into different accounts.

Our convenient, free Direct Deposit program will ease the minds of your employees who may find themselves busy, out of town, or sick on payday. It is quick, safe, and easy for them to sign up for Direct Deposit of their net paychecks.

Funds will be available to them on your regular paydays, in the account(s) of their choice. Never again will you have to worry about an employee’s checks being misplaced or stolen.

Direct Deposit advantages:

• Your employees’ paychecks can be deposited electronically into their accounts

• No need for them to visit a bank branch to deposit their checks

• Safer than having their checks mailed to them

• Saves on paper, postage, and time

• It’s an easy, effortless process for you

For employees who have not opted for direct deposit, the employees’ paychecks are delivered to your workplace ready for distribution- signed and inserted into individual envelopes- according to your specified schedule.

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