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What is Core Aeration?

It’s a lawn cultivation treatment that removes plugs of hard soil to encourage air and water movement. Regular lawn aeration can prevent lawn diseases and make grass healthier.

“Plugs” are mechanically pulled from your lawn, creating holes up to 2 ¾” deep throughout the property. This helps to reduce soil compaction that prevents roots from growing deeper and stronger.

Company name is an industry leader in the service of aerating, coring and dethatching lawns in this area for years. We currently have hundreds of satisfied customers who regularly rely on our services. We are licensed and insured.

Aerating your lawn has numerous benefits, including:

* Stimulates root growth

* Relieves soil compaction

* Improves penetration of air, water, and nutrients into the soil

* Helps manage thatch, but does not correct severe thatch problems

It is our company's policy to conduct our business in a manner that gives full attention to every detail, to ensure we provide the best service our customers deserve. Our personnel are chosen for their enthusiastic and pleasant attitudes, and are trained to give courteous, effective and dependable service.

Our goal is to deliver outstanding results in a manner that far exceeds the expectations of our customers. We realize customers are our number one priority. Our entire service is geared toward the one goal of pleasing the customer because our mission is to keep our customers for life.

With yearly aeration, even the most problematic areas in your lawn will begin to improve. The aeration holes take in water and nutrients, and will slowly fill in with surface debris. This will gradually create top soil and a strong root system.

Reasons to choose us for your Core Aeration Service:

* Competitive Pricing

* Professional Landscape Designers with years of experience

* Modern equipment for jobs of any size

* Horticulturalists on staff to ensure a thriving lawn

* Multiple crews to ensure a fast and quality application

Consistent core aeration of all types of turf grass will result in a healthy and fantastic looking lawn that grows without difficulty.

For more information regarding our lawn care professionals, how we can revive your lawn, and a detailed estimate, contact us at 555-555-5555.


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