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Do you suspect that the construction materials used in your home or business facilitycontainasbestos?

If so, you need to know you can get asbestos testing done by our company.

We provide asbestos testing to government agencies, commercial property owners, property managers, contractors and homeowners.As Certified Asbestos Consultants, we offer asbestos testing, remediation plan development, and abatement project oversight.

Our Asbestos testing and consulting services include:

• Building Inspections to satisfy renovation and demolition permitting requirements

• Asbestos Surveys to identify asbestos containing materials prior to acquiring a building

• Abatement Plans & Specifications

• Contractor Oversight and Performance Evaluations

• Air Quality Testing

• Operation & Maintenance Programs

• Expert Witness Testimony

• Laboratory Services

Our asbestos assessment reports include recommendations for correction and prevention, along with detailed steps for cleanup, which include the removal, handling and disposal of asbestos.

When our tests detect material that contain asbestos at levels equal to 1%, or higher, our remediation plans dictate that the asbestos must be removed and disposed of as hazardous materials.

Our asbestos operation and management service includes:

• Written procedures for working safely on or around asbestos

• A copy of the asbestos survey report

• Asbestos notification for the building that meets regulatory requirements

• Emergency response procedures and contacts

• Building-specific asbestos warning signs to be posted in maintenance areas

We will provide you with a post-remediation inspection, which includes a visual assessment of the area and air quality testing. When the lab results conclude that the asbestos has been successfully removed, we will issue a report of satisfactory clearance air results.

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